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Adult BBCOR Baseball Bats

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BBCOR Bats (or Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) are built with a minus 3 ounce Length to Weight Ratio, along with a 2 5/8" Diameter Barrel. Made from Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Composite, or a Combination thereof. Adult Bats are also known as BBCOR Bats. A BBCOR 'stamp' is required for use in High School baseball play and College baseball play. Adult baseball bats can have stiff handles or flexible handles, balanced weight distribution or end loaded weight distribution, and can be constructed with a single piece of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber composite, or a combination of both aluminum and carbon fiber composites. A maple or ash wood bat can be a useful training tool during batting practice.

As you know, most adult bats are also known as BBCOR bats. Earlier, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) used to perform a certification test called Ball Exit Speed RatioBESR Basically, the BESR test measured how fast a ball could bounce off your composite or aluminum bat barrel.

Soon after composite bats hit the fields, bat manufacturers figured out that composite baseball bats would "break-in" after a few rounds of batting practice. The BESR test failed to acknowledge the safety of composite bats after the break-in period, so the NFHS and the NCAA designed a new test called the BBCOR Certification Test to ensure that BBCOR bats do not exceed performance limits after break-in.

BBCOR or certification ensures that all non-wooden bats give near the same performance as wood bats do. Once your bat passes the test and gets stamped, you could use it in a game at your high school or college. Check out our BBCOR Bat Certification article for more info!


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