BBCOR Bat Certification

What is the BBCOR Bat Certification? 

BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution) is the current standard that governs how a baseball bat can hit a baseball in High School and College play. The BBCOR standard goal was to make non-wood bats mimic how a wood bat would perform.

Barrel Trampoline Effect Limited In BBCOR Bats - Adult Baseball Bats were changed for the better when composite bats were invented. Bats became more durable and the composite could be used to build barrels that could flex much more than aluminum. Imagine an old BESR composite barrel hitting a baseball like a bowling ball being dropped on a trampoline, and a BBCOR bat something like a bowling ball being dropped onto a wood floor.

Who needs a BBCOR Bat?

All college and high school baseball players in the United States need to use BBCOR Bats in games. stocks the most inventory of baseball bats in the USA. Fast Shipping and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed No Hassle Returns make the best place to buy a new bat.

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