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When it comes to getting the best baseball equipment for use in competitive action, Akadema is one of the premiere companies to look to. Founded in 1997 by Joe and Lawrence Gilligan, Akadema strives to provide its users with the best gloves, bats, footwear and other apparel. The company is headquartered in Hawthorne, New Jersey and while they produce more than just gloves, their fielding gloves are their top selling products.

The company produced their first series of gloves in 1998 under a different name, Academy. Several years later, with the help of Ozzie Smith who signed on to be a spokesperson for the company, Akadema grew quickly. What helped them grow was the production of the Reptilian glove, a fingerless piece that allows users the opportunity to make a quicker and smoother transition from the glove to their throwing hand. Not too long after, the company went to work producing a catcher's mitt called the Praying Mantis Mitt that had "stress wedge" technology. Akadema had the help of MLB Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter in the design, ensuring that they didn't miss a beat in what was needed for a catcher.

Akadema also got a boost in popularity in the popular media and in movies by sponsoring Pros vs. Joes and DEA, both shows that aired on Spike TV.  Their products were also in various Adam Sandler movies including Click and Benchwarmers, as well as Bad News Bears, the remake starring Billy Bob Thornton.

Current Major League Baseball players wearing Akadema gloves each night include Shane Victorino (who has won three Gold Glove Awards since being signed by the company), Bryce Harper, Derek Holland, Mark Melancon and Brandon Moss. At one point, Akadema also sponsored former Boston Red Sox star Manny Ramirez. The company is also working on reaching the softball market, both slowpitch and fastpitch. They have the capability of creating custom wood bats for slowpitch leagues and even sponsored fastpitch superstars Crystl Bustos and Monica Abbott.

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