2012 Anderson TechZilla Bat Technology

by Staff

Anderson TechZilla
Multi-Wall, Internal Sleeve
The Speed of the TechZilla Youth Baseball Bat

Designed to be an option to the end-loaded multi-wall configuration, it will swing faster with less effort without sacrificing control. It is barrel-weighted (lower moment of inertia) instead of end-loaded, or is what some would refer to as “balanced” in design.

Before our PowerArch™ design, there were two basic schools of thought for a multi-wall interface configuration. The first was that bat walls are loosely fit with a space that is filled with a viscous medium so the walls flex consecutively … or one and then (or into) the other. The second was that bat walls would fit snugly, and have constant contact so the walls would flex simultaneously.

Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. The outside shell/inside sleeve with a space had better overall performance, but was more susceptible to denting. The outside sleeve/inside shell with constant contact was a little more durable, but traded overall performance. Both designs had two separate walls of equal thickness. The trade-off is reasonable because the performance/durability differences were relatively small but certainly measurable.
The Anderson PowerArch™ combined the two schools of thought. By having a series of opposing arches where there is intermittent constant contact and alternating separation between walls, it allows the walls to flex both independently and concurrently. It allows for a differentiation in wall thicknesses that improves the shortcomings of the above design forms.

Barrel weighting doesn’t change the center of mass. The TechZilla was the first baseball bat design for Anderson that explored a lower MOI, at it remains one of the best performing multi-wall, internal sleeved products available in the marketplace today.
TrueFlex™ End Cap: Designed to increase barrel strength and aid in our vibration management design, our TrueFlex™ End Cap operates in conjunction with our patented performance technologies by containing vibrational energy in the barrel. High-strength, lightweight, and durable, our TrueFlex™ End Cap is the toughest and most productive barrel support component on the field today.

Grooved Assembly System™: Our Grooved Assembly System™ locks and fortifies the shell, sleeve, and end cap of our patented Multi-Wall design, providing increased softball bat barrel elasticity and superior durability. By creating a mechanical lock and a structural strong point, the PowerArch™ barrel design is able to transfer maximum energy at contact, creating player improvement performance.

Internal PowerArch™ Technology: Redesigned and reloaded by the incorporation of component advancements and the custom K-Series™ Alloy, our internal Multi-Wall construction employs an arched interior sleeve design to generate maximum legal performance with an optimized Mal (swing weight). The all-metal internal PowerArch™ design allows for a lower Mal, providing hitters with increased bat speed and control without requiring additional effort. Increased bat speed, without reducing the bat's overall weight, creates game and player improvement performance. Featured on all TechZilla™ models.

TaperFlex™ Contour: The key to producing the highest performing bats in the game is efficiently managing vibration energy. Our TaperFlex™ Contour uses a proprietary combination of design mapping and wall-thickness tuning to prevent productive vibration energy from escaping the barrel, allowing our signature performance technologies to work independently and transfer maximum energy directly to the ball at contact.

Ultra-Thin Whip Handle: Designed to operate in conjunction with the vibration management TaperFlex™ Contour, our Ultra-Thin Whip Handle combined with the shock-absorbing SG-l Sport GripTM fits comfortably in any hitter's hands to promote proper swing mechanics and create the most comfortable swing in the game today.

Weldless Knob: Ergonomically designed with a team of orthopedic specialists, our weldless knob provides unmatched comfort and reduces the risk of injury for young hitters. The Weldless Knob's patented design, weight, and application process all contribute to generating game changing performance and Mal (swing weight) optimization.

This technology line-up is a valuable demonstration of how the Anderson Bat Company builds “Game Improvement by Design.”

This article was published on Friday 30 September, 2011.

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