CLOSEOUT Nokona X2F-1250 X2 Elite Fastpitch Softball Glove 12.5”

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Item#: X2F-1250  |  Manufacturer: Nokona
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CLOSEOUT Nokona X2F-1250 X2 Elite Fastpitch Softball Glove 12.5"

Nokona X2F-1250 X2 Elite Fastpitch Softball Glove 12.5"
Introducing the X2 Elite, Nokona’s highest-performance, ready-for-play, position-specific series. For the game’s most skilled players, the X2 is for those who are looking for the highest performance and quality, as well as the quickest break-in period on the market. Made with distinct combinations of Nokona’s proprietary Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo Leather for position-specific excellence. Each glove is ready-for-play right off the shelf without the need for steaming, and with the ideal level of feel, flexibility, and rigidity right where you need it.
Stampede: A new-generation, full grain, full oil, performance Steerhide. Developed from Nokona’s signature Buckskin, their new Stampede leather is aggressively tumbled to tame the surface. This provides a true performance leather, for the most serious ballers who are looking for a glove that is ready for play.

Kangaroo: Pound for pound, Kangaroo is one of the toughest leathers in the world. Made from wild range kangaroo directly from Australia. While lighter in weight than typical cowhides, “roo” has a tensile strength 2 to 3 times greater than cowhide. The appearance reflects the wild nature of the kangaroo, and is ideal on the back of the glove to make it lighter and stronger.

Ristankor: Nokona is bringing back an updated and improved Ristankor Closure System to meet today’s players’ demands. Originally developed in the 1950’s, the Ristankor is now made with Velcro to secure your hand in the glove while allowing for easier break-in.

  • 12.5” Infield/Outfield Fastpitch Pattern
  • Closed Web
  • Closed Back
  • Stampede & Kangaroo Leather
  • Ristankor Closure System
  • Two year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Web Type:Closed
Glove Size:12.5"