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Combat was purchased by the parent company of Easton, and Easton merged many of Combat's technolgies and patents in line with the Easton bat making process. As well as retained several top minds of Combat.

Starting in 1994, Combat Sports began as a high-tech enterprise producing innovative, high quality composite hockey sticks. The company got their first break in the sports business making hockey sticks under the Bauer company name for several hockey players, including Scott Stevens, Trevor Linden and Pavel Bure. In 1997, Canstar Composites Technology Inc., or CCTI, the parent company that produced the hockey sticks, was sold to Nike and as they began to shut down operations in the United States to move production overseas, a deal was reached between the two parties which led to the creation of CE Composites. Now, Combat leads is providing the highest technologies for softball and baseball bats. 

CE Composites began to carry the reputation of being the only company you wanted to make your hockey sticks and that soon transferred over to softball. In 1999, the CE Composites produced the first composite softball bat and soon after, made a deal with Worth to produce their bats. CE Composites would go on to be a major contributor of softball bats for Worth and Rawlings, both of which were purchased by K2 Sports in 2004. This is when the decision was made to change the name of the company to what we all know now as Combat Sports.

Since the company became known as COMbat, they have quickly infiltrated the softball markets & baseball markets, and COMbat is widely considered one of the best manufacturers of composite bats. What Combat Sports thinks sets them apart from their competition in the market is their experience in engineering and producing the best products. And, for 2016 Combats bats, they've pulled-out all the stops, delivering high-tech manufacturing (Precision Molding Technology, Seamless Construction, Variable Stiffness Profile), while also incorporating the new PED (Performance Enhancing Disc) and Handle Isolation Technology; the 2016 Combat Madison Shipman is a great example. 

Some of the most popular Combat Sports bats on the market for slowpitch softball players include the 2016 Madison Shipman, Guilt and 2016 Combat MAXUM Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat. The line of Derby Boys bats is one of the most trusted in the sport and is seen on ball leagues' benches around the country. These bats, much like all of those in the Combat bats line, are made with precision molding and blended fiber technology. The bats are put together with seamless construction and those making contact with these bats won't even feel vibration.

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