Rip It Air BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz B1403A

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Rip It Air BBCOR Baseball Bat -3oz B1403A

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When you try the Rip It Air BBCOR bat, it is instantly obvious you're swinging faster, hitting the baseball better, and hitting the ball farther. In order to accomplish this, Rip It took several elements of their technology and made them better. They went back to the drawing board and tweaked the material, the weight distribution, and ultimately, the performance of the baseball bat. The R2 Alloy is found in all of the Rip It Air baseball bats. This new alloy allows Rip It to make the walls thinner, make the bat stronger, and make the bat feel lighter and easier to swing with more power. The Rifle Barrel Technology is used by Rip It to remove excess weight from the inside of the barrel without reducing the overall thickness of the wall on their Air BBCOR bat. This advance in technology is accomplished by using precise instruments to cut a spiral looking groove along the inside of the bat barrel, giving the Air BBCOR a much improved feel, and increasing your swing speed. The barrel is forged and channeled to energize the molecules of the metal to create frequencies conducive to increased power when the baseball is struck. Elimination of vibration is key to increasing your performance. Rip It worked hard to make hitting a baseball more comfortable and enjoyable by incorporating Contact Grip. Feel Good, Play Better.

Rip It Air BBCOR Bat Features: 

  • 1-Piece Bat Construction
  • 100% R2 Rifle Aluminum Alloy
  • Rifle Barrel Technology
  • Contact Bat Grip
  • 2 5/8" Barrel Diameter
  • -3oz Length to Weight Ratio
  • BBCOR Certified (Legal for High School & NCAA Play)
  • 400 Day Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects

  • Review by: Allen
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: 1st off! THIS BAT IS MADE IN AMERICA!!! Don't Tread on Me! DTOM 2nd this bat has a nice balance feel to it and the ball flies off my bat. When the ball hits, it's quite loud!
  • Cons:
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  • Review by: rhino5
  • Pros: very well balanced & great for contact hitting & great pop
  • Cons: everyone else wants to use it
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  • Review by: Eric
    Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: Excellent bat made in the USA. Very nice feel on the swing. Mildly end weighted, but balanced along the entire barrel. When it arrived, my HS sophomore bound son was swinging a teammates Easton. He wanted to wait on using the Rip It, but after 2 less than satisfactory at bats he came out with the Rip It Air and had to great hits. He has been on fire ever since then for summer ball. He had already been a strong hitter prior to using Rip It Air but now seems slightly stronger.
  • Cons: Everyone wants to try it
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  • Review by: one kid
  • Pros: everything
  • Cons: Nothing
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  • How does the 2014 Rip It Air BBCOR compare to the 2013 Louisville Slugger Exogrid 3?
  • Asked by Jay
  • The Rip It Air is a single piece full alloy where the Exogrid 3 does have composite inserts. "Pop" wise they will be similar but the Rip It Air was more popular.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Would it be better to buy this bat now or wait for the air elite coming out in August? And how do both of these bats compare to the Easton MAKO BBCOR?
  • Asked by Thomas
  • With the Rip It Air Elite BBCOR, you will get the added benefits of a composite handle in the bat. A composite handle will help balance the bat, dampen vibration, and improve the overall feel of the baseball bat. As of today, we have not had a chance to swing the 2014 Air Elite BBCOR, so we will have to wait a little longer before we can do an all out comparison of the top two 2014 Rip It BBCOR bats. We have hit the Easton Mako, and it is our favorite BBCOR bat so far. DeMarini will release a CF6 BBCOR in the late 2013, and Louisville Slugger has a new Attack BBCOR, we assume both of those new bats will be in line with the performance of the 2014 Mako.
  • Answered by Derek L. BBCOR Specialist
  • I hear the Rip It BBCOR bats have end caps that fly off, is that true?
  • Asked by Karl
  • This is not true. There was a small number of bats about two years ago that had an issue with end caps, but the problem was fixed almost immediately and has not occurred since.
  • Answered by Mike P. - Bat Expert

Product SpecsProduct Info
Length To Weight:Minus 3 Ounce
Barrel Diameter:2 5/8" Diameter Barrel