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Training and Fungo Bats

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Baseball Training Bats

Fungo Bats

Fungo bats are ultra-lightweight bats made out of wood or aluminum alloy composite bats, and are used for hitting ground balls or fly balls during practice. Baseball coaches usually use Fungo bats to hit ground balls. These bats are 35 to 37 inches long and the light weight helps coaches hit balls repeatedly during a practice session. If you use Fungo bats for training, you should only use them with self or soft toss.

You can use Fungo bats to hit ground balls during a practice or defensive warm-up session. These bats are specially designed to give outstanding control as they only weigh 17 to 22 ounces. Since the bats are not heavy, you can hit as many balls you want with high accuracy during fielding practice.

Fungo bats are used by coaches to hit ground balls and pop flies during practice, drills, and defensive warm-ups. Fungo baseball bats are specially designed to be light. The small diameter of Fungo bats also helps coaches to hit pop-ups to catchers and infielders as they have better control of the bat barrel.

One-Hand Trainer Bats

One-Hand Trainer bats are shorter i.e. 18 to 28 inches in length and you can use them for soft toss drills. These trainer bats help improve hand-eye coordination and you can also build muscle strength in your hands.

Weighted Bats

Weighted bats, as you can guess are ideal for strength training and help improve bat speed. The length of weighted bats is same as regular bats, but they are much heavier.

Soft Toss Trainer Bats

Soft Toss Trainers are a perfect choice to improve hand-eye coordination, muscle strength and bat control at the same time. They look quite similar to regular bats but have a more narrow barrel - the part of the bat which is meant to hit the ball. Soft Toss Trainers are mostly used in soft toss and tee drills.

Flat Bats

Flat bats, as the name suggests, have a flat hitting surface and help you maintain a level swing.


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