Tuff Sleeve Bat Protector

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Tuff Sleeve Bat Protector

National Testing Laboratories has found that the TUFF SLEEVE  eliminates 25% of the force of impact between ball and bat without affecting ball flight. Now you can hit with confidence that your bat will not be damaged during batting practice when you use a Tuff Sleeve


  • Extends bat life and graphics
  • Reduces vibration
  • Teaches where the proper hitting zone is
  • Use in batting cages to keep your bat clean
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fits Around 2 1/4", 2 5/8", and 2 3/4" Barrel Diameters

  • Review by: JOEY CROSBY
  • Pros: A lot better than wrapping the bat up with tape every time I go to the batting cage
  • Cons:
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  • Review by: Jack Henderson
  • Pros: Keeps your bats warm on cold games if you pre heat it in the microwave. Keeps my softball bats from cracking!
  • Cons:
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  • Review by: savageballplayer
  • Pros: protects bat love how my wood bat doesnt get all marked up at bp
  • Cons: hard to get on 5/8 bat barrel at first the writting comes off easy
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  • Review by: Craig B
  • Pros: Protects valuable bats while during hitting drills
  • Cons: Hard to get on, writing flakes off easily causing quite a mess if indoors.
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  • Review by: Ben
  • Pros: It keeps my bat warm on cold days and it keeps the paint from chipping off my bat.
  • Cons: The writing on the sleeve comes off easily.
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  • I used to have the old version of these, but I could never fit it on my big barrel. Does the "felt" on the inside of this version make it easier. How quickly can you put it o and off.
  • Asked by Ben
  • The Tuff Sleeve Bat Protector has not changed much over the years. The Tuff Sleeve does fit well on the 2 1/4" barrel and the 2 5/8" barrel but does take some maneuvering to get it on the 2 3/4" barrels. Putting on and off the big barrels is not always quick but worth the protection.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)
  • Should we use the tuff sleeve during the break in period of a bat? Seems as if it will limit the force which is required for break in, right? Please advise and thanks.
  • Asked by Jeff
  • The Tuff Sleeve is to protect your bat and allow less force on the barrel which would thus require a longer break in period on a composite bat. Only composite bats will have a break in period. The break in period is of the inner layers breaking down.
  • Answered by Kevin (Customer Service)