Easton Surge Reviw - Best BBCOR Baseball Bat

by Staff

Easton Surge BGS2 BBCOR Review

NOTE: The Easton Surge has been discontinued.  You might want to check out the 2019 EASTON PROJECT 3 FUZE BBCOR BASEBALL BAT

The Easton Surge is the middle of the road member of the Easton BBCOR bat family. I would say the Surge is something like the little brother of the group, not quite as developed as older brother the Easton Omen. The Easton Surge BBCOR bat has a slightly smaller sweet spot, but it is no slouch. The BBCOR Easton Surge is just as powerful as any other BBCOR bat on the market, and is definitely a comfortable bat to swing. The Easton Surge BBCOR uses the two piece connexion technology that has set Easton apart from it's competitors for the past two decades.

With the Easton Connexion, you will feel ZERO sting or vibration in your hands. The Surge has the soothest feeling of any BBCOR bat on the market, and anytime you square up a ball with Easton's Surge adult bat, it's gonna jump. The Surge baseball bat is balanced, so it's easy to keep the bat barrel level through the zone. I think if your a fan of Easton baseball bats, like a balanced feel and want to save a little money as well, then you should strongly consider the Easton BBCOR Surge.

  • No vibration
  • Smooth feeling
  • Not the least expensive bat, not the most expensive bat
  • Might be the best BBCOR bat in baseball

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This article was published on Thursday 26 May, 2011.

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