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Demarini BBCOR Bats

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DeMarini BBCOR Bats

Adult DeMarini Baseball Bats are among the most popular bats on the market. In 1993 DeMarini released the first double wall bat. In recent years, the BBCOR DeMarini composite CF and alloy Voodoo have dominated the baseball bat world. DeMarini makes building the most advanced composite BBCOR bats and metal bats in the world look easy. Aluminum DeMarini BBCOR baseball bats are built in the USA. DeMarini has a baseball bat for the ball player at the High School or College level.

At DeMarini, we believe that in order to break performance boundaries, you sometimes need to break with convention. Obsessing over the little details can make a major impact and will stop at nothing to bring performance to the player. From the bat in your hands to the shirt on your back and everything in between, we believe in obsessive, unconventional, player driven performance.

Demarini BBCOR Bats, the mad scientists at DeMarini have a few tricks up their sleeves. The crazy, new Paradox Composite is stronger and softer at the same time, giving the handle a stiffer, more durable build quality, while allowing the barrel of the baseball bat to flex more, giving the bat barrel more trampoline effect. The new DeMarini Voodoo features the new D-Fusion Handle to reduce vibration.

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